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About Dr. Chris

Hello, my name is Chris Beddoe. I have been working as a Doctor of Physical Therapy for many years and have treated many different patients suffering from many different impairments and medical issues. One of the most prominent impairments I have been addressing in my clinic over the years is patients that come in with complaints of low back pain. I began understanding and treating the underlying causes of low back pain and found a lot of success in my approach with realigning, strengthening, and stabilizing the pelvis to help treat low back and pelvic impairments. There are over 100 million Americans suffering from low back pain. I designed the back pedal® to help them and you find a long term solution for their back pain or prevent their spine and pelvis from ever getting out of alignment and cause low back pain to begin with. I also realized the advantaged for many of my female patients who suffer from pelvic floor muscle impairments during and after pregnancy or while going through menopause.

25% of woman will suffer from pelvic floor muscle issues that may lead to Pelvic Prolapse, Pelvic floor pain, and Pelvic incontinence. There are a lot of advantages to realigning, strengthening, and stabilizing the pelvis that can help a lot of us start to find relief from our pain. I realized that there are a lot of products that are sold to help with back pain problems that for the most part do not address the underlying problems and causes of back pain. Many of the products on the market today that claim to fix low back pain offer a bracing or a traction component to their solution to help reduce low back pain. These types of solutions are only able to temporarily relieve low back pain for a few minute to hours but do not help resolve back pain for longer periods of time.  So I decided to create my own solution that would address and help fix the reasons why people suffer from back pain as well as help others that are suffering with pelvic sloor problems. the back pedal ® is designed to realign both sides of our pelvis back into their optimal position while strengthening our hip extensor muscle and hip flexor muscle groups to stabilize and strengthen our pelvis reducing and relieving pressure that causes and leads to low back pain while also strengthen our pelvic floor muscles that will help those suffering from pelvic floor muscle impairments and weakness. The Back Pedal ® facilitates the use and contraction of hip flexors on one side of the body/pelvis and hip extensors on the opposite side of the body/pelvis that when contracted simultaneously causes an anterior rotation, in the pelvis with contraction of hip flexors, and a posterior rotation, in the pelvis on the side of the hip extensors. This causes the pelvis to move and re-align back into its most neutral position while putting less pressure on the spine and reducing the load and pressure that causes low back pain while simultaneously strengthening muscles to promote stability and strength that can lead to long term reduction in acute and chronic low back pain and pelvic floor muscle impairments.