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Device designed & used by Doctors of Physical Therapy to correct back pain! 

  Get Your Swing Back!

-Fast  -Easy to use  -<60 Seconds a day  -Realign   -Strengthen   -Stabilize  -Pain Relief




“Hello, My name is Dr. Beddoe, Doctor of Physical Therapy. I have treated many  patients suffering from different medical issues get back to living their lives the way they were meant to live them.

One of the most common concerns and medical issues I have been helping my patients address in my clinic is lower back pain. Through my research and experience I understand and correct the underlying cause of back pain. Through protocols and techniques, I have been able to help a lot of people address their lower back pain. I hope to share The Back Pedal, my patented and life changing product, with you for a better solution to your lower back, pelvic, & sciatica problems.”

– Dr. Beddoe, Doctor of Physical Therapy


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“It’s incredibly easy to use! It’s wonderful that it treats the cause of pain and doesn’t just mask the pain. It’s a true solution.”

– Marylou Zarbock