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Best Wheelchair Armrest Pads To Prevent Skin Breakdown & Irritation

Are you searching for the best wheelchair armrest pads? Best wheelchair arm rest covers? As you already know, wheelchair armrest covers and pads are needed to increase comfort while sitting in your wheelchair or scooter. They help to decrease skin irritation, pressure sores, and nerve issues in your upper extremity, wrist, and elbow. For wheelchair users with painful arthritis, or who have sensitive skin, standard wheelchair armrests that come standard on your chair can be very uncomfortable and give you the pressure relief you need. With the Wheelchair Armrest Covers by The Back Pedal, stiff rubber armrests can easily be made soft! These armrest covers are made of soft, synthetic sheepskin to comfortably cushion and support your arms, elbows, and...

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Treating 8 Different Causes of Low Back Pain and How You Can Effectively Get Immediate Relief and Long-Term Healing!

Treating Back Pain Effectively   Pelvic Alignment Issues:  -       The pelvis is the body’s base of support if it is twisted and out of alignment the rest of our body will be out of alignment. This will lead to an impaired distribution of force up through the spine and down through the legs leading to back pain, bulged discs, sciatica, radiculopathy,  and other back pain-related issues. The pelvis consists of two sides, your left and you’re right pelvic innominate, both of these sides connect to the spine through the sacroiliac joint that is between the pelvis and the coccyx. There is supposed to be on average of 27° of rotation on each side of the pelvis. This movement...

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6 Alternative Low Back Pain Treatments To Try Before Choosing Surgery From a Doctor of Physical Therapy

There are 16 million adults, 8 percent of all adults, who experience chronic and persistent back pain. As a result, they are limited in everyday activities leading to missing the important parts of life. Back pain is the sixth most costly condition in the United States. The required health care costs and indirect costs, due to back pain is over $12 billion per year. That’s a lot!   So what is the underlying issue when it comes to back pain and especially low back pain and lumbar back pain? What can you do before going under the knife or having surgery to attempt to correct your back pain and back problems? Let’s discuss some key reasons you may have back pain...

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