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Back Pain Relief That Works!

  • Easy To Use
  • Save Time
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  • Dr. of Physical Therapy Recommended


The pelvis is the bodies Base of Support. Realign & Strengthen it & you will have even distribution of force up through the spine & down through the legs, relieving your pain! Doctor of Physical Therapy and Chiropractor recommended  for Sciatica, back pain, and hip pain!

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“I got better right away!”


Watch and Learn how The Back Pedal works to realign, strengthen, and stabilize!

Success and Testimonials!

 “The Back Pedal ® is a safe and effective way for patients to maintain pelvic symmetry and bony alignment without needing the manual assistance of a physical therapist or trainer.”
Dr. Matthew Kirsten , DPT

– “ Saw improved pelvic alignment after use”

– “ beneficial for LBP”

– “ The Back Pedal helped reduce pain in the pelvis and low back”…

 “As a Chiropractor, I would recommend the ‘Back Pedal’ to my patients as a great method to care for their spine and pelvis and associated musculature. What a fantastic way for patients to take control of a major aspect of their care at home!”
Dr. Lee Engelke, D.C.


Doctor Beddoe, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy treating patients in outpatient orthopedic, hospital, skilled nursing, and home health settings. He designed The Back Pedal for his patients to find relief with out having to come to the clinic. It has worked on his patients and now its time for you to use The Back Pedal to get rid of your back pain!

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Dr Beddoe, Physical Therapist

“It’s incredibly easy to use! It’s wonderful that it treats the cause of pain and doesn’t just mask the pain. It’s a true solution.”

– Marylou Zarbock