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Hi Im Dr. Beddoe, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and after using The Back Pedal you are well on your way to having the back pain relief and support you need! Read and watch below for more helpful tips and advice! 

    If you are using the Back Pedal, your pelvis is aligned and you are well on your way to a better back! The back Pedal will align and strengthen your hips and pelvis giving you the necessary base of support your spine and lower extremities need for normalized movement. I want to give you some additional exercises that will help those of you not using the Back Pedal or those of you that are wanting to really take the stability and strength of the muscles crossing your spine to the next level. 

   Chances are your sitting a lot and doing tasks at a desk. Your shoulders become rounded and put pressure anteriorly causing pain in the upper part of your back. Lets strengthen the Middle trapezius Muscle to being your shoulders back and stabilize your upper thoracic spine for better posture and alignment. Watch the video to find out how to strengthen your middle trapezius muscle and relieve pressure on your shoulders and thoracic spine.


   With all of the work we do now in sitting often times are lower thoracic spine will suffer. Using the Back Pedal will align the lumbar spine and start to stabilize up into our thoracic spine but if we should also stabilize and strengthen our lower trapezius muscle to increase our stability for dynamic movement and safety. Watch the video to learn how to strengthen your lower trapezius muscle.


   The Back Pedal puts you into the correct position to realign your pelvis and lumbar spine while stabilizing and strengthening the necessary muscles to keep your pelvis and spine in the correct, preferred, position our body needs it to be in. If you want to isolate and strengthen the Transverse abdominal muscle on its own, or you dont have The back Pedal to facilitate the strengthening of this muscle, watch this video to help you start to strengthen the transverse abdominal muscle and stabilize the lumbar spine in the transverse plane of motion for some assistance with your back impairments. For best results use the back pedal along with these exercises!