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It’s our mission to help you learn and understand your body better. Read more articles from Dr. Beddoe, Doctor of Physical Therapy and begin using the knowledge today for a better tomorrow! 

If you use The Back Pedal to realign, strengthen, and stabilize your pelvis you are well on your way to pain relief. I want to give you a few more additional exercises  to keep you going and give you that extra edge!

You’re not working this muscle – Gluteus Medias

Do you have lateral knee pain, your gluteus media’s is most likely weak. If you are a runner or have lateral knee pain when you exercise, your need to strengthen your gluteus medius muscle. This will start to align our knee and hip to decrease the pain! if you watch the video you will learn more about the gluteus medias muscle and what exercises you can do to start and strengthen it! There are also modified exercies for Hip external rotation in supine, clam shells, fire hydrant. So you can strengthen the gluteus medias muscle in different positions.

Iliotibial Band stretching – the Does and Dont’s

if you have lateral knee pain, you need to understand your IT band and how you can strengthen and stretch the soft tissue around it to reduce your knee pain. Has someone every told you your “IT” band is tight and you need to stretch it? Your Iliotibial band has a tensile stregnth that is stronger than steal. instead of trying to stretch your IT band, stretch your TFL (tensor fasciae latae). The TFL runs into and becomes the IT band, you need to stretch your tensor fascia latae!


 Poor circulation can lead to lower extremity pain. So why do some people have swollen legs, vericose veins, and poor circulation? You can find out by watching this video. 

Plantar Fasciitis:

do you have pain in the bottom of your feet? what are you ding about it, treat your way plantar fasciitis with this simple and effective treatment! 

How your Shoes are causing you to have knee pain

 Your shoes can tell you alot about your alignment! Use The Back Pedal to realign, strengthen, and stabilize your pelvis and back. WHen you do this it will help your hips and knees as well. But if you still need a little extra help you need to look at your shoes, chances are your shoes are causing you unnecessary pain! Find out more by watching and what you can do to prevent and help this problem.

Shooting leg pain?

 If you have bulged discs, sciatica, our shooting leg pain? if so, you probably have nerve impairments caused by dural tightness. You can fix this problem by performing exercises for dural and neural tightness in the nerves in your legs. Learn about neural flossing technigues in you legs and feet to help with your sciatica and nerve pain problems.