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It’s our mission to help you learn and understand your body better. Read more articles from Dr. Beddoe, Doctor of Physical Therapy and begin using the knowledge today for a better tomorrow! 

You’re not working this muscle – Gluteus Medias

Do you have lateral knee pain, your gluteus media’s is most likely weak. Let’s strengthen it and start to align our knee and hip to decrease the pain! watch the video to learn more about the gluteus medias muscle and what exercises you can do to start and strengthen it! 1)modified Hip external rotation in supine 2) clam shells 3) fire hydrant

You’re not working this muscle – Middle Trapezius

Start helping your thoracic spine and posture by working out your middle trapezius muscle!

You’re not working this muscle – Lower Trapezius

People so often don’t strengthen their lower trapezius muscle and start to have mid back and thoracic spine pain with instability. strengthen you’re lower trapezius muscle and increase your stability!

You’re not working this muscle – Transverse abdominis

 The main stabilizing muscle for your low back is your Transverse abdominis. learn how to strengthen this muscle from easy to hard to begin to stabilize and support your back for decreased pain and better back health!

Stretching, if you’re over 40 your probably doing it wrong!

watch this video to learn why that is!

Iliotibial Band stretching – the Does and Donts

Has someone every told you your “IT” band is tight and you need to stretch it? Your Iliotibial band has a tensile stregnth that is stronger than steal. instead of trying to stretch your IT band, stretch your TFL (tensor fasciae latae). The TFL runs into and becomes the IT band, you need to stretch your tensor fascia latae!

SLEEP! – what you need to know

Did you know that as you sleep your body goes through its cycle, REM and NREM, every 90 minutes and if you wake up at the top of the sleep cycle you will end up feeling better and more refreshed!

Soleus – 85% of people don’t know how to strengthen this calf muscle! do you!?!

Learn how to strengthen and isolate your soleus muscle! Most people don’t know how, but now you do!

Rotator cuff muscles and how to strengthen them

 Rotator cuff muscles and how to strengthen them

 Torn rotator cuff? – find out if its torn

Torn rotator cuff and how to identify if it is your supraspinatus muscle that’s torn

 Carpal tunnel & Dural Tightness technigues to alieve pain

 Worried about carpal tunnel or have radiating pain down your arm. Today learn about Dural tightness, neural flossing, and the median nerve.

 Save your shoulders – STJ strengthening (scapulothoracic joint strengthening)

 There are a lot of muscles attached to your scapulothoracic joint. Strengthen all of them with this exercise and help protect your shoulders from injury!

 Ulnar nerve and cubital tunnel syndrome

 Suffering from Ulnar nerve pain or cubital tunnel syndrome? Learn what you can do to start to find relief!

 Alcohol and dehydration – what you need to know

 Alcohol, dehydration, and drinking what’s happening in the body and why are you peeing so much when you drink? 

 Drinking alcohol after a work out. Good or bad idea?

 Is drinking alcohol after a work out a good idea or bad and why? Find out more by watching this video!

 Strength vs power

 Are you focusing on just strength work outs or power works outs? How are they different? Which one should you be doing?

 Power ups – if you saw the video above (this would be an example of “power”)

 recently was told by someone… “It don’t look like you work out”….and I guess I agree, as long as you are referring to me not being one of the biggest guys in the gym. Cause I can still do some work! 

 Muscle fiber type 1, 2a, and 2b

 What types of muscle fibers do we have and how do they help us? How do they work? What function do they serve? A brief yet detailed overview of muscle fiber types.


 Why do some people have swollen legs, vericose veins, and poor circulation. Find out by watching this video. 

Strokes: What you MUST know!

 Everyone should know the signs of a stroke, FAST, but most people don’t know everything that comes after. This video discusses more of what you need to know about strokes after it happens and the rehab journey begins.

Work out zones: what you need to know to help you exercise smarter!

 Overview on the different work out zones based off heart rate and how your body is working in each zone! learn about the Karvonen formula and how to exercises in each range and what effects that has on your body!

Weight loss and weight Gain!

 Learn the basic knowledge of how you gain fat and lose fat!

Motor recruitment:

 When does motor recruitment happen and when does actual strength increase in our muscles? Find out by watching!

Agility and Plyometric workout:

 Cardio and legs, easy work outs for when the gyms closed.

Our brain and pain:

 How does our body process pain? Why is pain different in different areas? How can I identify were my pain is coming from? Find out more here

The Nutrition – The Basics:

 The nutrition plan basics to get you started in the right direction. Not a detailed nutrition plan, just what you can do to be healthier when you live a life on the go!

Strength and Stability (BOTH) 

Build strength and stability across the different joints in your body to decrease the risk of injury

Plantar Fasciitis

 Treat your way plantar fasciitis with this simple and effective treatment!

How your Shoes are causing you to have knee pain

 How do the shoes you wear cause you to have knee pain!?! Find out by watching and what you can do to prevent and help this problem.

Shooting leg pain?

 Exercise for dural and neural tightness in the nerves in your legs. Learn about neural flossing in you legs and feet to help with your sciatica and nerve pain problems.

Triceps workout (all 3 heads)

 Long head, medical head, and lateral head of the triceps muscle group. Work out all three with these two exercises!

Subocciptal muscles – prevent head aches

 Suffer from head aches and or neck pain? Strengthen your sub occipital muscles!

Neck stretches

 Stretch the upper trapezius and levator scapulae muscle for improved rom in your neck!