One Leg Shorter Than The Other - Explanation and solution by Dr. Beddoe, DPT

As many as 70 percent of people have a leg that is different in length. Usually, the discrepancy is small and it often doesn't make a difference in ones overall health. But It can! Some professionals even suspect that these discrepancies, if left unaddressed, could play a role in developing knee, hip, and back pain.

Hi I'm Dr. Beddoe, Doctor of Physical Therapy 

And I want to answer the question of why this happens?

There are a lot of muscles that attach from our legs up into our pelvis, because we all favor one side of our body more than the other (right or left handed/footed) we start to develop “asymmetries”. Some of our muscles become stronger and others become weaker. In our legs, hips, and pelvis this causes a rotation in our pelvis that presents as a leg length difference in our legs. One leg becomes shorter and the other leg longer.


How do we fix this?

In order to fix this issue there is a new device, The Back Pedal, that helps to fix this leg length difference by strengthening the correct muscles in the right way rotating both sides of the pelvis back into its normal position. The Back Pedal was developed by Doctors of Physical Therapy to implement techniques used in the clinic. Use The Back Pedal to realign, strengthen, and stabilize the low back and pelvis and correct your leg length discrepancy for good

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