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“The Back Pedal ®  is a safe and effective way for patients to maintain pelvic symmetry and bony alignment without needing the manual assistance of a physical therapist or trainer.”

Dr. Matthew Kirsten , DPT

“The Back Pedal ® allows patients to be ProBACKtive ™ on their own time in their own comfort zone.”

Mike Edelstein - Fallbrook,CA

“As a Chiropractor, I would recommend the ‘Back Pedal’ to my patients as a great method to care for their spine and pelvis and associated musculature. What a fantastic way for patients to take control of a major aspect of their care at home!” 

Dr. Lee Engelke, D.C.

“I think I may need to get one. Not so much for low back pain but pain in my hip muscles (flexors) from the sedentary life I’ve lived for so long. Can’t walk very far without my hip muscles hurting. Brilliant device! I checked out the website and read it all. Pretty technical anatomical stuff but demonstrates the good doctor knows what he’s talking about”

Bill Jaenicke – Circulation Director – Western Outdoors Publications

“It was great, should’ve come out sooner!”

 Tim G. – Costumer