The Best Walker Ski Glides – USA MADE!

Walker Ski Glides   

Your front wheeled walker is how you get around and maintain your balance! It is your key to improved mobility and safety. If your walker gets hung up or stuck on a surface or obstruction it can be a big problem! This is why it is so important to improve your walkers functionality and ability to move freely and not get hung up, but rather glide across any surface! Adding front wheel walker ski glides from The Back Pedal does just that!

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   Glide Skis are a great alternative to standard walker glides or tennis balls. They are extra durable and provide a smoother, quieter, more functional addition to you walker. It is easy to install the walker glides, simply use a Philips screwdriver to attach the Walker Glide Skis on the rear tips of your walker. Just tighten to secure them! You will experience the ease of "gliding" over carpeted surfaces, concrete surfaces, wood floors, grass, dirt, and many more! We recommend cleaning and checking for any foreign objects before transitioning from outdoor to indoor use.

• These helpful front wheel walker ski glides help you to move your walker smoothly across indoor and outdoor surfaces.

• Ski glides help to reduce the friction that rubber tips create when left on your walker.

• Increases the maneuverability of your walker and eliminates the need to lift your walker in order to get over small rises in surfaces.

• Each order contains 2 walker ski glides to be used on each back leg of your walker.

• Made in the USA of long lasting high density material.

USA Made Product!

Our Front wheel walker ski glides are proudly made in the united states and support local and small business! Our Ski Glides come in 2 different vibrant colors, Blue and Purple! Buy them for yourself, your loved one or a friend and help support USA Made products! Shop Now

USA Made

Below are some frequently asked questions that may be helpful to you:

How Can I Make My Walker Glide More Easily?

We know that many people will use tennis balls on the bottom of their walkers, This can be a suitable solution but because walkers are made out of metal/aluminum the bottoms are sharp and will cut through the tennis balls in a short period of time. This can lead to scratched floors and unsafe use of your walker. We recommend front wheel walker ski glides that allow for easy transitions from surface to surface and last a long time with heavy use!

Walker Coasters

What is the Purpose of the Walker Glides?

Walker Glides allow for increased mobility and surface by decreasing friction when moving your walker across different surfaces! Walker ski glides allow for an increased distribution of force across a friction reducing material that allows for increased ease of use and mobility of your walker!

What Do you Put on the Bottom of a Walker?

Many will use tennis balls on the bottom of their walker, but this only protects your tiled and wood floors and doesn’t increase the ease of use on carpeted or outdoor surfaces. It is better to put place walker ski glides on the bottom of your walker in order to decrease friction and increase the mobility, safety, and ease of use while using your walker on indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Walker Ski Glides

How Do You Put Sliders on a Walker?

1) Take off any existing cap or bottom to your walker

2) Use a Philips screwdriver to loosen any bolt used with your ski glide

3) Slide the Ski Glide into the back Walker Leg

4)Tighten the bolt until it is snug

Walker Ski Gliders instal

What Can I Use Instead of Tennis Balls on a Walker?

Walker Coasters and Ski Glides are safer and easier to use on the back legs of your walker to increase safety, mobility, and ease of use on indoor and outdoor surfaces.