How it all started

The development of The Back Pedal ® began in California in 2017 with the inventor Dr. Chris Beddoe, Doctor of Physical Therapy, at the helm. The Back Pedal ® was created after Chris received a lot of questions from his frustrated patients regarding other products they were using that didn’t provide them back pain relief.

First used on His patients, The Back Pedal ® has come a long way with support from the Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, and Message Therapy community. We look forward to bringing the Clinic into your home so you too can find a better solution to your back pain that's proven, through clinical techniques, to work!


Our Journey

“The Back Pedal: A Smarter Back Pain Device” has met its goal on Kickstarter in the first 2 days and is only going up! an Innovative product created by Doctors of Physical Therapy for at-home relief for sufferers of back pain, The Back Pedal ®, Now available on Kickstarter January 15th! The at-home solution, Created by Doctors of Physical therapy, for back pain sufferers launches on Kickstarter today

Offering to facilitate Physical Therapy and chiropractic techniques with anyone suffering from back pain to realign, strengthen, and stabilize the back and pelvis. Any time and anywhere! In addition to providing relief from back pain, The Back Pedal ® Inventor Dr. Chris Beddoe, Doctor of Physical Therapy, says users will also enjoy saving both time and money avoiding paying for additional Physical Therapy, Chiropractor, or massage visits as well as save the time it takes to schedule and go to a clinic. “The Back Pedal is a revolutionary way to address the underlying causes of back, hip, and sciatic pain.” Says Dr. Beddoe, DPT “

The device may look unorthodox, but the science behind what The Back Pedal is facilitating, the case studies to back up the science, along with the testimonials from the people who have already been helped should prove our case for the effectiveness and validity of The Back Pedal! This is why you should use it for preventative measures and why you should definitely use it if you already have back pain, hip pain, or sciatica!” In creating The Back Pedal ® Dr. Chris Beddoe, Doctor of Physical Therapy designed the device to recreate techniques used in the clinic to realign and adjust joints in the back and pelvis, strengthen the muscles, and stabilize the joints for a better, smarter, solution to back pain.

The Back Pedal ® is effective because it realigns, strengthens, and stabilizes the back and pelvis utilizing techniques used in the medical clinics to treat back pain and now they can be performed by you, in your home. Since the creation of The Back Pedal ® Dr. Beddoe says that he first gave them away to his patients and then his patients referred their family and friends receiving a lot of feedback and testimonials due to the effectiveness of the device.

The Back Pedal ® helps to realign, strengthen, and stabilize the back and pelvis. The key is using your own muscles and facilitating a co-contraction force on the 2 sides of the pelvis, opposite directions of each other, to realign and adjust both sides of the pelvis back into their normal position while at the same time strengthening muscles in our low back and pelvis to stabilize the joints for a better, smarter, long term solution to back pain. For more information about The Back Pedal ®, or to take advantage of discount pricing during crowdfunding, visit The Back Pedal page on Kickstarter or our website at www.thebackpedal.com.