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Do You Have One Of These Problems?

- Low back pain, One sided

- Hip pain, One sided

- Sciatica, One sided

- One leg shorter than the other

Your Pelvis Is Out Of Alignment & Causing Your Pain!

We all favor one side of our body more! This leads to muscular/strength imbalances! Over time this causes joints to come out of alignment and start causing pain! When our pelvis is out of alignment it leads to Back, Hip, and/or Sciatica pain! In < 60 Seconds a day we can start to fix this problem by realigning and strengthening these different musclar and joint imbalances that are causing us pain!

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How It Works

The Back Pedal helps the user pull the pelvis and low back into its proper alignment by contracting opposing muscles on both sides of our body. This causes a rotational force realigning your joints. This is called a Muscle Energy Technique. Over 1-2 weeks of use this adjustment technique realigns the low back and pelvis while strengthening and stabilizing the muscles and joints to provide a long term solution to your pain!

Over The Thousands Of Patients We Have Treated, 85% Have Seen A Reduction In Their Pain By 50% Or More

Our patented device is by no means a "cure all", but Physical Therapist's agree it is best home tool at addressing the root cause of your pain!

over the thousands of those we have helped 85% see a reduction in their pain by 50% or more

My hip was hurting at a 6/10 and after using the back pedal it was down to 1/10!


Took it with me to my next physical therapy appointment and had my therapist take a look at it. He was intrigued, but skeptical, so he checked to see if my hips were aligned properly (they were not), then had me use the Back Pedal as directed in the literature that accompanied it. He then checked again, and my hips were almost perfectly aligned. He was impressed, and lamented that he hadn't thought of the device himself! 


Before I had sciatic pain flare ups to 8/10 pain while skating. Sleeping was effected, stretching didn't help, yoga didn't help either. After two weeks of use, I am able to skate without pain, sleep without constant adjustment, I can be physically active. I thank Dr. Beddoe for helping me!

Bain P.

Love it! Feel so good! Reduced my back pain after just one use!

Barbra F.

Works remarkably well. Much better than I expected.


It has really help to reduce my pain! I can feel it working to strengthen my hip and back muscles.

Andrea C.

I have a where for the majority of the day I am sitting at a desk or computer or in meetings. A few months back I started to notice pain in my lower back. I tried to make a makeshift standing desk to relieve the pain, but only helped for a minute. A friend then recommended the Back Pedal, I tried it and it worked great. I now use it every night once I get home from work, and it’s a great refresh for my back!

Maurice F.

The device works great, my back has never felt better! Would highly recommend to friends or family especially for the price!

Mark C.

I have a herniated disc between L4 and L5 that I don't want to have surgery on - and after many rounds of Physical Therapy and different exercises, I stumbled upon the Back Pedal and decided to give it a shot. Boy am I glad I did...It doesn't look like all that much - but I got immediate relief. It is simple - but the way it works is almost impossible to duplicate without it. I too was skeptical looking at it - but so happy I invested in it! Thanks Dr. Beddoe!

Derek L.

Ergonomic Design

Why buy the Back Pedal?

Patient Treatment And How To Use

Watch the Video Below For a More In Depth View/Understanding

A More In Depth Look!

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