Suffering from BACK PAIN?

use Co-contracting forces to realign your pelvis and spine for Pain Relief!

Realign, Strengthen, & Stabilize

Be ProBacktive

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The Back Pedal - Pain relief that works

Take the techniques used by Doctors and Physical Therapists to treat the underlying causes that lead to pain and use them in the comfort of your home.

Its simple and easy to use

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Pushing and pulling against the pads we perform opposite Isometric contractions that cause a rotational force in the two sides of the pelvis away from each other. This rotation realigns the pelvis and spine back into its preferred position leading to evenly distributing forces and better movement and pain relief.

In <60 seconds a day begin to:

ADJUST your joints back into position
STRENGTHEN muscles crossing those joints
STABILIZE your spine and pelvis

A preferred solution to your Back Pain by a Doctor of Physical Therapy

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