Indications/Contraindications of Use

BEFORE USE WARNING: Before starting to use the back pedal you should first consult with your primary care physician to make sure your healthy enough to do so. There may be a few things in your past medical history that would be a CONTRAINDICATION FOR USE and participation. • Ligamentous instability • Inflammatory conditions of the spine • Primary or metastatic tumor(s) • Spinal cord tumor(s) • Unhealed pelvic or spinal fracture • Recent spinal surgery • Severe pain with coughing or sneezing • Osteoporosis • Aortic aneurysm • Respiratory condition that results in difficulty breathing with physical exertion or while lying fully flat on your back • Any condition where resistance exercise is contraindicated We want to make sure that you are safe and as with any new exercise program we want to discontinue use of the device and return to your primary care physician if your pain gets worse, you develop any; – abnormal sensations or weakness in your legs or you begin to experience any bowel or bladder problems. some standard CAUTIONS to take note of and a recommendation to consult your primary care physician prior to using The Back Pedal if you have: • Poorly controlled hypertension • A condition that may result in bruising due to pressure over the thighs Much like any exercise program or gym work out, if you “over do it” especially in the first few work outs, you may experience increased soreness and/or spasms in the areas you are most trying to strengthen, realign, and stretch. Initially, you may not feel a change in the low back region of your pelvis and spine. This is because some chronic low back pain sufferers are so tight and weak in certain pelvic and low back muscles it may take a few days to start to strengthen and see changes in the pelvis and low back. Please don’t get frustrated if this is you, just keep using The Back Pedal for 2 weeks and strengthen, stabilize, and realign your pelvis for a better back and force distribution through your legs and spine. Purpose For The Back Pedal® Device is to realign and strengthen the 2 sides of the pelvis and realign them back into their preferred position. because we are using our bodies on muscles to do this we also are strengthening the muscles necessary to keep our pelvis in alignment. when we realign our pelvis it realign up and down the chain in our spine, hip, and knees providing better force distribution through our body. If we can help our pelvis we can start to see the effects in the joints above and below! If you have a spine and a pelvis, SO ALL OF YOU READING THIS, you will benefit from using The Back Pedal, but there are a few indications for use I would like to highlight: – Low back pain – Degenerative disc disease – Discogenic pain – Pelvic malalignment symptoms – Spinal degenerative joint disease – Spinal stenosis – Shortened stride length – Herniated disc – Spinal curvature due to tight muscles – Sciatica – Difference in leg length – Muscle spasms The Back Pedal® is intended for single person use by adults to provide portable, non-powered strengthening and alignment to pelvis and low back while simultaneously stretching and strengthening the muscles and soft tissues of the pelvis, hips, and low back. For best results use device daily for 2 weeks Reminders: The Back Pedal® strengthens muscles in your legs and pelvis and assists in re-aligning joints in your low back and pelvis. Don’t be surprised if you are sore after using The Back Pedal® as these muscles and joints are not used to being used like this. If you try to push to hard and strain, you may be sore. This is just like using any work out equipment and it is best to start slow and progress slow. Extra Helpful information: – If you place the device to close to your waist you will be more likely to move your legs out of position and hold the hand grips evenly. We want to keep are legs and our hands in the same place and resist our legs pushing and pulling opposite of each other in order to move the two side of our pelvis back into their preferred position. – If we don’t raise our feet up off of the ground we will not be in the best position for our spine and we will not be pushing and pulling evenly in our legs. – Please practice and refer to this manual, the picture and our video on our website for any clarification or help in the use of The Back Pedal®. This device will work wonders on your low back pain if used correctly. Troubleshooting: Problem: I had pain in my low back and now it is gone but I now have pain in my groin area, what should I do? Solution: Good news, you pelvis has re aligned but has now put extra pressure on your pubic symphysis (part of your pelvis that connects in your groin) You should lay back down onto your back with your knees bent, place your hands or a pillow in between your knees and squeeze, hold for 3 seconds then relax. The discomfort in your groin should now be gone, if not perform again. Problem: Pain in my back has shifted from one side to the other, what do I do? Solution: Perform with your The Back Pedal® again but switch directions of force. Now use the The Back Pedal® in reverse and re perform 4 x 5 seconds. This should help to correct and reduce your back pain, continue as necessary and as needed alternating as needed. Problem: do I need to perform this technique every day? Solution: it is needed to perform every day for 2 weeks until the muscles in your pelvis are strong and able to support your body’s preferred and normal pelvic and low back alignment. After this it is recommended to perform maintenance with the device repeating 1-2x/wk as needed and start to develop a exercise program to stay in shape and be a healthier you.