Left Lower Back Pain - Fix - By Dr. Beddoe, DPT

if you have left lower back pain you are not alone! sixteen million adults,  8 %, experience chronic or persistent back pain. As a result they are limited in performing daily activities.

So what is the underlying issue when it comes to back pain and especially for this discussion left lower back pain? 

Im Dr. Beddoe, Doctor of Physical Therapy:

The spine is comprised of 3 different sections; cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. The spine sits down onto our coccyx (tailbone) and connects through the sacroiliac joint in our pelvis down to the rest of our legs. It’s all a connected system!

Our pelvis and why its so important:

Our pelvis is our bodies base of support, if it is out of alignment or not stabilized properly by supporting musculature it throws off everything! If our pelvis is rotated or twisted forward or backward it causes our spine (lumbosacral angle) to shift out of place creating an uneven distribution of force up and down our spine. This type of instability is what can eventually lead to bulged discs, back pain, sciatica, radiating pain, and unilateral back pain.

When it come to left lower back pain specifically the majority of the time it can come from a posterior rotation on the left side of the pelvis and a anterior rotation on the right side of the pelvis. This rotation puts undue pressure on the left lower back and overtime or in more sever instances cause pain!

How do we fix this?

We need to realign, strengthen, and stabilize our pelvis and the muscles that support it. A group of Doctors of Physical therapy in California developed an amazing tool to help address this issue. The Back Pedal helps to address the underlying cause of back pain, hip pain, and sciatica pain by facilitating techniques used in the clinic and now available to you at home! Use the back pedal to help your back pain by pushing and pulling in opposite directions with your legs to adjust the two sides of your pelvis back into their proper alignment and position.

The Back Pedal creates a better alignment and stability in the pelvis that stabilizes the low back and lumbar spine to address the underlying cause of back pain, hip pain, and sciatica pain!

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