Sciatic Pain - Quick Fix -Dr. Beddoe, DPT

Are you suffering from Sciatic pain? Did you know that one of the leading cause is a weak and mis-aligned pelvis? this is a common problem that can be fixed with the proper techniques and therapeutic exercises

Hi, Im Dr. Beddoe, Doctor Of Physical Therapy 

Your Pelvis Is Out of Alignment & Causing Your Pain But Im Here To Help!

 We all favor one side of our body more! This leads to muscular/strength imbalances! Over time this causes joints to come out of alignment and start causing pain! When our pelvis is out of alignment it leads to Back, Hip, and/or Sciatica pain! In < 60 Seconds a day we can start to fix this problem by realigning and strengthening these different muscular and joint imbalances that are causing us pain!

How It Works

 The Back Pedal helps the user pull the pelvis and low back into its proper alignment by contracting opposing muscles on both sides of our body. This causes a rotational force realigning your joints. This is called a Muscle Energy Technique. Over 1-2 weeks of use this adjustment technique realigns the low back and pelvis while strengthening and stabilizing the muscles and joints to provide a long term solution to your pain!

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